Overlooking Lake Biwa

Kyō-ōmiOur Kyō-ōmi rooms come with an open-air hot spring overlooking Lake Biwa.

Rooms with private open-air baths provide guests with the thrill of bathing in hot springs while gazing at Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.
The vista of the blue sky stretching out and the surface of the lake tinted by the evening sun give way to a night sky full of brightly shining stars.
Guests can enjoy a luxurious hot spring bath whenever they wish!

Rooms with open-air baths are popular, given their view of Lake Biwa and their relaxing and spacious dimensions. Two to eight guests can use one room, meaning a large family or group of friends can stay together.

Guest rooms with a private karaoke room are now available!
Guests can now enjoy an open-air hot spring, dinner, and karaoke—all within the comfort of their room, without having to worry about disturbing others.

Guests can relax in Japanese-style rooms while they are showered
with typical Japanese hospitality.

  • This is atypical Japanese hotel guest room with traditionaltatami flooring, an alcove, and a Japanese verandah.
    We serve you Japanese tea when we show you your room. Our traditional Japanese hospitality includes the world-famoustea-making service.
  • Guests can change into the traditional hotel yukata provided in the guest rooms.
  • For guests staying in Japanese-style rooms, the hotel staff will lay out futons after dinner. We invite guests to sleep on our comfortable futons next to each other.