Hot spring (ONSEN)

Biwako Grand Hotela hot spring resort overlooking Lake Biwa,

One of the key attractions of our hotel’s open-air spa is the location, with our hot spring baths overlooking Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.

The open-air spa is set against the backdrop of a soothing Japanese garden.
Guests can unwind and relax at leisure.

Hie no Yu and Shakunage no Yu

This is the most prevalent type of large bath in Japanese inns.
As per Japan’s bathing etiquette, consider showering before you take a dip in the hot spring.

Mikami no Yu

Immerse yourself and take a leisurely bath in this open-air hot springs overlooking Lake Biwa,
the largest lake in Japan.

Reserve a private bath all for yourself!

Private bath

Also on offer is an open-air bath that you can reserve for use with family and friends.
This is particularly recommended for guests from overseas who wish to try an onsen for the first time!

Fee for use: 2,000 yen for 45 minutes.

Ogoto Hot Springs

The simple alkaline hot springs at our hotel are salubrious for the body.
The clear lucid water calms your nerves, soothes your joints, and beautifies the skin.

Ours is a simple alkaline hot spring
(hypotonic alkaline hot spring)

It assists in healingnerve pain, muscular pain, joint pains, chronic digestive pains, hardeningofthe arteries, and high blood pressure among others