Enjoy a healthy Japanese kaiseki dinner,
including sashimi and tempura with seasonal ingredients.

The essence of Japanese cuisinelies inenjoying the tastes of the seasons.
Relax in your room and enjoy the finest “Washoku” cuisine with sashimi and tempura and a host of other delicious tastes.

An overnight stay with dinner and breakfast is the standard style of accommodation at a ryokan.

This is highly recommended for our foreign guests!

Our special cuisine features one of the three top brands (Sandai) of Japanese wagyu beef, Omi-gyu.

Omi-gyu is acclaimed as one of the top three types of wagyu beef in Japan.
The balance of fine red meat and marbling has a “melt in the mouth” texture with an exquisite flavor.
The scrumptious aroma and juicy sweetness of each bite fills your mouth.
Enjoy our traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine featuring sashimi and tempura, as well as Omi-gyu, which is served stone-grilled or as shabu shabu.

Dinner can be served in your room,
or you can eat in the restaurant. The choice is yours.

Whether eating in your room or in the restaurant,
you can enjoy your meal in calm and private surroundings.

your room

your room



For breakfast, a buffet with both Japanese and Western items,
including traditional Japanese breakfast items:
egg dishes, grilled fish, and miso soup, is served in the restaurant.
We also serve bread, soup, and coffee.

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room from 7:00 amto 8:30 am.